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Quartz Leader Membership


Are you ready to embark on a journey of thriving in your business while making a deep and meaningful impact on the lives of others?

At The Divine Brand Collective, we understand your desire to create a positive impact in the world. That's why we have created a community that not only supports you in getting your message out to the world but also connects you with heart-centered clients who are aligned with your vision.

As a Quartz Leader, you will be our go-to expert in your space. We will promote your business and provide you with referrals, helping you to expand your reach and impact. By becoming a Quartz Leader, you will gain recognition within The Divine Brand Collective community and be presented as an expert in your field. We will support you in getting in front of your ideal clients, while also building long-lasting relationships.

But being a Quartz Leader is much more than just recognition and promotion. We believe in nurturing the whole person. That's why we provide you with access to a wide array of business support, empowerment resources, healing modalities, and wellness practices. We are a community of heart-centered humans who are committed to elevating the vibration of the planet through self-transformation, growth, and community building.

I look forward to making a powerful impact with you!

Farhana Cannon


The Divine brand collective

A community

Quartz Leader Membership


In order to make a grand impact some systems are required so that your brand is aligned with the level of branding and service we require of all of our coaches.

But don't worry, if you don't have all of the requirements our team of marketing experts can support you in getting this done efficiently.

WHAT you n eed

Keynote Talk

30-45 mins. This talk should outline 3-5 key points and provide opportunities for attendees to learn more about your offer. These will be done live

Program/Service/Offer w/ Automated Sales Funnel

This offer should be $1000+ and customized to best meet a need of The Divine Brand Collective Member. Your automation should have a 4 part email follow up

Freebie Offer + Email Drip Campaign

This is a part of your opt-in system in which clients will give you their contact info so that you can provide them with a free offer. Your email drip campaign will stay in communication with these leads for at least 4 emails til they buy.

Affiliate Link

You will provide an affiliate link for your offer with a 20% Commission for The Divine Brand Collective (if the client opts to purchase another offering the collective will receive 20% of the first month of service)

Upsell Offer

We want to ensure that you are leveraging your workshop to provide value to our community by providing more opportunities for you to serve. Once they have purchased your first offering. *Commission is NOT taken by TDBC for this.


You will send an email blast out to your list promoting your workshop. You will post 3-4 times on social media. We will be creating promo material and we can collab post on Instagram as well. We will provide you with the graphics.

Mastermind Participation

Be committed to regularly attending the Brand Boutique Elite Mastermind at 12pm est Tuesdays. This is our community to share who we are on a regular basis, develop real relationships and build trust to be referral partners.

quartz leader membership

How It Works

Be An Active Member

Active Jade Membership status or support The Divine Brand Collective with your area of expertise. As this is a community we are looking for people who feel called to serve and be a pillar in the community.

Book a Initial Interview

Let's chat and see how we can collaborate to make a big impact on the lives of others.

We will discuss how we can share your gifts with our community.

Amplify Your Voice

We position your offer and give you a analysis of your marketing systems and meet with you to review the strategy. $125

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