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Monday, September25th


Are you committed to being a thriving business leader while creating a profound impact on the lives of others?

Do you have a burning desire to be part of a community that wholeheartedly supports your mission and empowers you to shine your light even brighter?

Imagine connecting with heart-centered clients who are in perfect alignment with your vision, all while having a network of referral partners guiding you to the right opportunities.

Become a Divine Brand Collective's Quartz Leader!


The Divine Brand Collective is a community of heart-centered humans that are committed to elevating the vibration of the planet starting with self-transformation, growth and community building. Our primary objective is to create live and virtual experiences that foster a deeper connection within ourselves and the divine while nurturing personal growth, learning, and positive impact. We strive to provide a sense of peace and grounding to our members, enabling them to continuously evolve and make a difference.

Through our creation of sacred spaces and transformative journeys, we help individuals build inner strength, forge deep bonds with others, express their authentic voice, and stand confidently in their truth. We are committed to supporting individuals in connecting with themselves, providing vetting resources for individuals and brands to achieve their dreams, building community, and fostering meaningful relationships.

We firmly believe that community is the medicine for the soul. When we come together as a united collective, we unlock our true power and achieve that which we cannot accomplish alone.

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Farhana Cannon

Sandra Trujillo

Mimi Daraa

Who We Are Looking For:

Calling all speakers, business coaches, wellness brands, healers and facilitators who are experts in their field!

The Divine Brand Collective is searching for Leaders like you who are ready to take their influence to the next level. We invite you to step into a community where your unique gifts are celebrated, and you are divinely compensated for sharing your wisdom.

Monday, September 25th


At The Divine Brand Collective, we understand your desire to create a positive impact in the world. That's why we have created a community that not only supports you in getting your message out to the world but also connects you with heart-centered clients who are aligned with your vision.

As a Quartz Leader, you will be our go-to expert in your space. We will promote your business and provide you with referrals, helping you to expand your reach and impact. By becoming a Quartz Leader, you will gain recognition within The Divine Brand Collective community and be presented as an expert in your field. We will support you in getting in front of your ideal clients, while also building long-lasting relationships.

But being a Quartz Leader is much more than just recognition and promotion. We believe in nurturing the whole person. That's why we provide you with access to a wide array of business support, empowerment resources, healing modalities, and wellness practices. We are a community of heart-centered humans who are committed to elevating the vibration of the planet through self-transformation, growth, and community building.

I look forward to making a powerful impact with you!

Farhana Cannon


Your Benefits as a Quartz Leader

🎉$2,500 worth of Marketing (ads, graphics, webpage)

🌟 Leadership Acknowledgement: Your expertise will shine as you're introduced as a leader in our mastermind calls, events, and on our website.

🎙 Virtual Workshop: Take the stage as a 30-45 Minute Keynote Speaker during 1-2 virtual workshops. Share your insights, offer a freebie, and showcase your program, service, or offer.

🌍 Live Events: Enjoy the spotlight in live events and cross-promote your own gatherings, amplifying your reach and influence.

💰 Opportunity to Earn Commission: Benefit from a monthly affiliate commission for bringing new members to the community. Earn commission for referrals who sign up for marketing services or purchase event tickets.

📣 Social Media Footprints: We'll highlight you and your content on our social media feed and stories throughout the year. Your presence will be magnified during workshops and events.

🎨 Graphics: Leverage our eye-catching social media graphics for your events and podcast features. You'll also receive personalized email graphics.

💌 Email Marketing: Upon joining, we'll feature you in our email newsletter. Our support extends to crafting emails for your workshop and podcast, including follow-ups for attendees.

Monday, September 25th


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